Jan's Approach

Jan aims to offer a high-quality psychological service that is appropriate to the needs of each individual, couple or family, that chooses to use her skills. Jan believes when someone walks in with a problem, they often walk in with the solution. Jan aims to work with the client to unearth that solution.


Jan remains enthusiastic about her work and considers it a privilege to work with her clients. She greatly values the opportunity to play witness to the courage and resilience each can show in the face of at times, incredible adversity.

'Change' is often at the heart of many of the issues that confront Jan's clients. A change that they wish to make or wish to avoid. Or a change that has happened or needs to happen.

Jan views the client in their context, whether working with an individual, couple or family. The client's concern may be more apparent in a home or work context, as a member of a couple or family relationship, as a sibling or parent, or in the context of a person's background and upbringing. Most difficulties do not occur in isolation and need to be related to the context in which each occurs.

Jan also believes that the word 'control' these days suffers from 'bad press'. She feels that most human beings want to attain control - it is the degree to which each has control or feels controlled that often needs to be explored.